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Zakłady Automatyki KOMBUD S.A. respects the privacy of the site's Users and is committed to protecting their safety. Find out more about our Privacy Policy related to so called Cookies.

  1. When you visit our website, Cookies can be stored on your computer hard disk. Cookies are small text files sent from our servers or from the Google server.
  2. Our servers send cookies for particular purpose. They are used to remember your preferred website layout and functionalities, e.g. font size, taking part in surveys or performing multiple actions (e.g. adding an article, buying items from our on-line store). We also use cookies to make sure the advertisements appearing on our website meet Visitors' interests.
  3. The information sent from our servers and stored on your computer is by no means collected and used.
  4. Apart from cookies sent from our servers, the site also sends cookies by Google, to make adverts displayed in Google modules more relevant to you and your interests.
  5. You can disable all or some cookies any time, changing your browser settings.
  6. If you choose to disable all cookies, some content and services delivered by our website will be unavailable, particularly password-protected sections. Disabling cookies will not prevent you from browsing our website.
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