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Track occupancy detection system SKZR-2



SKZR-2 is a computer-based system cooperating with axle detectors. New solutions introduced to SKZR-2 expand functionality comparing to the previous version of the system (SKZR) which enables wireless transmission to control track sections between stations.

The system is characterized by:

  • high flexibility of extending and concerning reconfiguration under operation,
  • possibility to interface to the interlocking systems (both relay and computer)
  • possibility of installation on lines with maximum speed limit up to 350 km/h,
  • possibility of cooperation with axle detectors which generate signals for each axle and direction,
  • possibility of counting the number of axles for each controlled section,
  • possibility of free configuration of the controlled sections (track, point, group of points).

System SKZR-2 is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2015/0022.

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