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Signalling systems



Signalling systems

System is an interface between dispatcher and interlocking system. KOMBUD provides dispatcher desk (computerized control panel) systems MOR-1 and MOR-1.01

MOR-1 is dedicated to cooperate with any relay-based interlocking systems as well as computerized systems like MOR-3. The System also provides the possibility of simultaneous cooperation with MOR-2lcsr, Ebiscreen-3 and local desktop with assurance that the operation rights are reserved only for a single dispatcher. The system allows a dispatcher to send commands and receive information concerning present status of the controlled equipment and the current railway traffic status. Moreover, MOR-1.01 type can cooperate with line block systems. It also provides a possibility of remote control of the stations equipped with relay-based interlocking devices.


This innovative technology based on small-sized relays allows to minimize number of interconnection to interlocking layer, simplifies design process and installation time on-site.

The dispatcher decision support function and commands pre-selection function facilitate and accelerate decision-making in the traffic control.

Both functions: dispatcher decision support and commands pre-selection facilitate and accelerate decision-making in the traffic control.


Dispatcher desk (computerized control panel) system MOR-1 and MOR-1.01 is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2008/0041

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