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Remote railway traffic control and management system MOR-2lcsr



MOR-2lcsr is designed for remote railway traffic control for railway lines and other areas such as branch lines or sidings.

System provides the following functions:

•    control of interlocking devices installed on remotely controlled stations ( the cooperation with MOR-1 system is required in order to obtain full functionality),

•    dispatcher support in supervision at the remote controlled areas, including traffic data logging,  train numbers identification and timetable data introduction,

•    information for adjacent stations about departures and arrivals of trains. 


MOR-1 and MOR-2lcsr cooperation enables simultaneous control of up to 16 stations equipped with a relay or computerized interlocking devices. Distances between stations and control centre are limited only by the data transmission system which can be based on telecommunication cables, fibre-optic cables or radio-communication with the possibility of redundancy.

MOR-2lcsr is ready to cooperate with Operational Work Registration System (PL: SEPE- System Ewidencji Pracy Eksploatacyjnej) by downloading timetable data and uploading information about current railway traffic situation. Collected data are presented in a graphical form.

System allows expanding remotely controlled area without any interference on the currently remotely controlled stations.

System MOR-2LCSR is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2012/0772

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