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Railway Signals



Railway signals LST-5R-L and LST-5R-L


Railway signal LST-5R is designed to display the stop/go signals for conventional rail lines with speed of 160 km/h.

Railway signal LST-5R-L is based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The mechanical construction of LST-5R-L is compatible with previous versions of railway signals. The LEDs increase the energy efficiency of the signal from 5% to 40% and guarantees the minimum of 50,000 hours of faultless running. The railway signal LST-5R-L uses an innovative connection approach - one wire is being applied to power as well as transfer the feedback signal confirming that it is operating correctly.

Railway signal LST-5R-L METRO is dedicated for subway lines.

All LST-5R-L railway signals as well as their sub-types are compatible with interlocking computer systems MOR -3, MOR - 3E, WTUZm and automatic block signaling  type CBL2010.


LST-5R is certified by the Office of Rail Transportation. Certification Number: is U/2001/0205.

LST-5R-L is certified by the Office of Rail Transportation. Certification Number: is U/2012/0756.

LST-5R METRO is certified by the Office of Rail Transportation. Certification Number:  U/2005/499.


Dwarf signal SKT-6R

Dwarf signal SKT-6R are designed for displaying signals stop/go lights.

SKT- 6R consists of:

  • foundantion,
  • light source,
  • outiside covers.


SKT- 6R is produced of resistant plastic that significantly extends life-time, reduces the cost of repair, decreases weight, and increases resistance to environment conditions. Mechanical and electrical construction is fast and simply in installation. Producer can adapt signals to the layout of  lights on the section of the railway line according to customer requirements.

SKT-6R is certified by the Office of Rail Transportation. Certification Number: U/2001/0206.


Auxiliary light strips PST

Auxiliary light strips are used for signalling the allowance for driving speed limits. They indicate the maximum speed limit to 100 km / h for green strip or 60 km/h for orange strip. Auxiliary light strip PST is adapted to be mounted on masts type EHZ-2. They may also be mounted on other types of signal poles.

Auxiliary light strip consists of:

light strip foundation,


light source,

outside covers.

Thera are three versions of PST characterized by a color of lens filter:

PSTZ – green lens filter,

PPNT – orange lens filter,

PSTZP – green and orange lens filter,

Mechanical construction of auxiliary strip lights is made of fiberglass and polyester that offer features such as resistance to environment conditions, low weight and repair cost.


Warning shield Top-99 (Level crossing speed signalling)


Warning shield is a colour light signal designed to inform a driver approaching to level crossing of the condition of level crossing safety system. Warning shield displays white light if devices work properly or orange light (limit speed 20 km/h) if fault. Warning shield lights are off when no train is approaching to level crossing.


Warning shield Top-99 should be located at a distance from level crossing not less than the length of the way of the vehicle braking.

Warning shields Top-99 are manufactured in different mechanical layouts and power at the voltage of DC 24 V  or AC 110V.

Height of warning shields masts allows them to be located on any location between the tracks. External mechanical covers are protected against corrosion with specialized powder coating.


Warning shield TOP-99 is certified by the Office of Rail Transportation. Certification Number: U/2000/0084.

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