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Level crossing protection system category A type RHR-TSR



Level crossing protection system category A type RHR-TSR/TVU

The system is designed to protect level crossings with A category. RHR-TSR can be used on single- or multi-track lines with train speed limit up to 160 km/h.

RHR-TSR consists of the control and warning devices. The following modules were applied to increase safety:

  • control desk (RHR-NSKT),
  • disconnecting power supply module (RHR-MOZ),
  • data logger for functional and emergency status (RZ-TSR).

Level crossing protection system consists of following warning devices:

  • road signals,
  • acoustic signal generators (buzzer or bell),
  • barrier drives.

RHR-TSR construction is similar to RHR-A system but it uses microprocessor units and digital transmission. These solutions allow the continuous control of level crossing protection system what increases safety and reliability. Digital transmission provides possibility to remote control the system from a distance of several kilometres. The system automatically turns on road signals in case of lack of communication with the control desk.

RHR-TSR can cooperate with distant signals and signalling systems.

The system can be equipped with redundant power supply RHR-ZR.

Level crossing protection system category A type RHR-TSR is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2004/203.

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