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Level crossing protection system category A



Level crossing protection system type RHR-A

The system is designed to protect level crossings category A. RHR-A can be used on single- or multi-track lines with train speed limit up to 160km/h.

RHR-A consists of the following main parts:

  • operator desk type RHR-PN,
  • hydraulic barrier drive type RHR-95,
  • road signals type SD-K2,

There are 6 versions of system:

•    local (RHR-A/M), remote (RHR-A/Z) or via radio transmission (RHR-A-MSR) control of level crossing;

•    dedicated to cooperation with distant signals (RHR-A/T), interlocking systems (RHR-A/S) or both (RHR-A/ST)

The system is equipped with redundant power source automatically activated, which ensures power supply to the system for at least 8 hours.

Hydraulic barrier drive is equipped with an innovative levers system controlled by hydraulic cylinder. Barrier’s relocation speed is changing sinusoidal during a movement.

Slow and fluent movement of mechanical parts significantly reduces component mechanical wear. This solution ensures the highest reliability level.

Level crossing protection system category A type RHR-A is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2005/683.

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