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Computer-based interlocking system MOR-3



MOR-3 is a multi-computer interlocking system.

The system consists of interlocking computers and external drivers (I/O modules). Interlocking computers and I/O modules are connected by data transmission network. MOR-3 is ready to cooperate with supervising systems such as MOR-1 and MOR-2lcsr.

The system is ready to:

  • local and remote control,
  • control points and derails with electrical point machines,
  • control signals for trains.

MOR-3 is equipped with internal diagnostic subsystem, which provides possibility to:

  • control devices’ current status,
  • measure current in the light source circuits of the signals,
  • present the current graphs in the light source circuits,
  • change ranges of shorts and open circuit detection for the light source.

All data are logged with internal data logger. On request, the system can be equipped with the test computer.

MOR-3E is an economic version of computer-based interlocking system which is designed for a low traffic density lines. The limitation of the number of functions decreases the costs of production and exploitation.

MOR-3 and MOR-3E are ready to work with LED light signals.

Computer-based interlocking system MOR-3 is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2011/0609

Computer-based interlocking system MOR-3E is approved by the Office of Rail Transport. Certification Number: U/2012/0773.

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