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KOMBUD has been for many years committed to develop its after-sales support services. We now have a network of experienced service technicians and can provide access to immediate support for our products and installations.


Our experienced staff, equipped with professional gear can provide:

  • warranty maintenance of the installed systems and devices,
  • post-warranty services for the installed devices,
  • spare parts selection support,
  • prompt reaction to all kinds of customer inquiries.


In our portfolio of services we also offer a long-term maintenance agreements for railway installations in signaling. Every agreement covers:

  • regular control of systems and devices used within the relevant area according to the approved schedule,
  • prompt response to reported failures,
  • providing sufficient amount of spare parts.


Finally, KOMBUD can also develop Diagnostics Centres which collect data on failures, identify faults  and consequently facilitate solving problems. Remote access to the system enables specialists to identify potential issues, reduces the number of necessary spare parts, and shorten the response time.


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